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Facial Injectables Training (FIT)

Facial Injectable Training (F.I.T) and Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Techniques for Beginners

Outline full-day Beginners - Thursday 15 March

Sunday18th March, 8am - 6pm (includes catered lunch and breaks)

Intercontinental Hotel, Cross St, Double Bay


A wide variety of medical health professionals are expanding their scope of practice to include cosmetic injectables, both fillers and neurotoxins, and laser and light therapies. It is incumbent on each practitioner to equip themselves with the appropriate knowledge and understanding of the products they intend to utilise in their practices, as well as any licensing requirements for each state. Similarly, it is a requirement to gain an appreciation of the anatomy of the structures and regions they plan to treat.

A further element in this Scope of Practice is an understanding of the concepts of beauty and how these may vary in different ethnic backgrounds. These elements provide the basis of this teaching curriculum along with recognition of and avoidance and management of complications.


Concepts of Beauty

  • What features are deemed to be ‘beautiful’ or ‘desirable’ and how do we achieve this.
  • Ideal proportions and facial shape and contour.
  • Beautification as opposed to Rejuvenation. Are they the same? How to achieve the best outcome.
  • Avoiding extremes, producing a ‘natural’ result.


  • Surface anatomy of the head and neck.
  • Deeper structures
  • Danger zones


Fillers: Hyaluronic Acid, Hyalase, CaOH Apatite, Polyacrylamide, autologous fat.

What are they? How do they work? Where do they fit in?

(The use of and precautions of CaOH, polyacrylamide and autologous fat are only available in Advanced and Master Class).

Neurotoxins; available sub types (varies with jurisdiction).

Introduction to Laser Physics

  • Properties of light and tissue interactions. Important factors to consider when considering the purchase of a laser/light therapy device.
  • Aesthetic Applications of lasers and light devices
  • Which device for which application? How to introduce laser/light therapy into your practice. How to avoid common pitfalls.

Complications and Adverse Events

  • Contour problems, how to avoid and to correct
  • Nodules and Granulomas
  • Vascular Compromise
  • Hypersensitivity reactions
  • Infection
  • Recognition and management of complications generally

Patient Selection

  • Consultation process and checklist
  • Setting expectations
  • Co morbidities, smoking, Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), dentition, dermatological conditions

This full-day course is designed to introduce the Scope of Practice and deliver some familiarity to allow a practitioner to start their aesthetic practice.

It includes a Didactic presentation on the Syllabus and demonstration of techniques.

This course is designed for larger groups to start them on their injectables and aesthetic career.

Duration: 8 hours

Facial Injectable Training (FIT) Masterclass

Outline full-day Masterclass - Sunday, 18 March

Sunday 18th March, 8am - 12pm

The Knudsen Clinic, 45A Bay St, Double Bay

This course is designed for a small group of medical professionals (maximum 10) to expand their experience with facial injectable techniques. It is suitable for more experienced injectors to refine their abilities and to learn new and advanced techniques. It provides intimate discussion with the trainer and includes detailed elements of the patient selection process. It will be specifically adapted to the needs of the participants. It is expected that participants in the Master Class will have already a broad experience and an understanding of their scope of practice.

This course provides advanced detailed didactic and demonstration of advanced applications and techniques.

The course includes hands-on training for participants.

All products are included in the cost and patients have already been evaluated and had a full consultation with the training doctor.


  • Fine tuning your injection techniques.
  • Volumising injectables and biostimulator filler products.
  • Permanent fillers, do they have a place? How to maximise safety with long term fillers and injectable implants.
  • Special areas for rejuvenation: hands, forehead, temple, arms.
  • Neurotoxins, not just treating wrinkles - special uses and applications.

Detailed consultation techniques

We utilise an interactive discussion approach to help improve consultation techniques.

Includes: How to handle complaints and the importance of a risk management strategy?

Duration: 4 hours

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Program Highlights

• Renowned international & local speakers
• Interactive panel discussions
• Industry ‘speed dating’
• Interactive workshops/live demonstrations
• Full-day beginner Facial Injectable Training (F.I.T.) & intermediate to advanced masterclass
• Laser safety officer training
• ‘Invest in Success’ – how to set up and run a successful practice
• ‘Business of Beauty’ – masterclass in practice management and business-building techniques